Twilight Times

Golden Hour -

The color temperature of daylight varies with the time of day. It tends to be around 2,000 K shortly after sunrise or before sunset, around 3,500 K during "golden hour", and around 5,500 K at midday. The color temperature can also change significantly with altitude, latitude, season, and weather conditions.


Sunset -

Sunset usually lasts between 3 and 7 minutes. Regardless of your desired Twilight shoot, we always shoot the sunset.


Civil Twilight -

Civil twilight is generally the first 15-23 minutes after Sun Down. Interior lights are starting to glow, and a hint of the sun can be seen at the horizon.


Nautical Twilight -

The sun having left the horizon, Nautical twilight offers richer skies, deep glowing windows, and illuminated clouds.


Astronautical Twilight

Somewhere between 30-45 minutes after sunset, astronautical twilight can be captured. These require long exposures, and will have dark areas where lights are not installed.


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